PK Floats

Building on Tradition.

The name PK Floats, Inc. is synonymous with tough, reliable and dependable seaplane floats. Building upon a 65 year history, the knowledgeable staff at PK is focusing not only on building the best aluminum seaplane floats, but working one-on-one with our customers to ensure their satisfaction before, during, and after the sale.

If you are a commercial operator, if you fly in rough water, if you operate at gross weight, if you want a float that will last 20, 30, 40 years or more, give PK Floats a call to discuss if our floats are right for you.

Why Choose PK?

  • Deep-V Hull Design Greatly Reduced Pounding in Heavy Waves
  • Robust Construction; Thousands of Rivets and 0.032 & 0.040 2024 T-3 Aluminum Alloy Used for Maximum Strength
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Keel, a full 1/2″x1/2″ cross section
  • Every Watertight Seam Sealed with 3M 5200
  • No Composites & No Structural Bonding = No Catastrophic Failures
  • Color: Silver or White, or Custom Color Match
  • Traditional Solid Ash Maine Float Plane Paddle and Float Pump are Standard
  • Redesigned Heavy Duty Spreader Bar with shear web (2250A, B2300, 3050A)
  • Full Length, Inboard & Outboard spray rails (2250A, 2300)
  • 4 Hydro-Boosters Forward of Step
  • CNC Manufacturing (2250A, B2300, 3000, 3050A)
  • Flat, Flush, No Slip Decks
  • No formed Skins for Easy field repairs using common hand tools
  • Large Water Rudders
  • External Water Rudder Rigging for Easy Inspection & Maintenance