PK Floats, a company in its 65th year, is known for building the toughest, most reliable seaplane floats in the industry. The knowledge-base of float planes within our factory, specifically the Cessna 180/185 is unsurpassed anywhere. Aviation is a true passion for the employees at PK; whether flying, working on float planes, or building floats. This passion led to the development of the ultimate float plane, the Super-185 By PK Floats.

The Super-185 transforms the legendary Cessna A185E or A185F into a high performance amphibious float plane. PK Floats will find and assist the customer in purchasing a suitable 1965-1985 Cessna 185, and oversee the entire conversion process from our shop. The ideal candidate is a low time, unmodified A185F with a run-out engine. It is important to understand the history of the aircraft, as missing logs or damage history affect the purchase price as well as what the aircraft is worth down the road. The end result of this conversion is a better aircraft than you can buy anywhere, period.

The build starts with the delivery of the aircraft. The engine is upgraded to an IO-550 with a heavy mount and a new propeller. The fuselage is stripped, etched, primed, and painted to the customers color scheme. New glass and interior is installed. Instruments and avionics are installed next. Finally new PK 3050A amphibious floats are installed and the aircraft is delivered to the customer.

The Super-185 with PK3050A’s generally has a useful load in excess of 1000 pounds. The aircraft will break the water in a little as 7-8 seconds. The Super-185 will cruise at 125 knots and with long range fuel, a range of 650 to 700 miles can be expected. The amphibious floats add versatility and practicality. From better fueling options on a long cross-country to storage in a hanger, safely out of the water. Flying an IFR floatplane even becomes a possibility with a Super-185. In the world of float flying, the Super-185 is the pinnacle of performance.

Best of all, the Super-185 can be tailored to the customers budget. There will be no hidden surprises during the process and every step of project is overseen and signed off by the experienced and knowledgeable staff at PK Floats. Whether built for utility or luxury, the Super-185 will meet the needs for the modern pilot.