“Why PK 3050A’s? They have a reliable landing gear system, they are lightweight, they are easy to repair in the field, and they have top notch craftsmanship. Just an all-around great amphibian float, not matter what conditions you encounter.” Owner Steve Hurd A&P, Flying Moose Aviation, Zelienople, PA.

“I flew up to 8 or 9 flights per day in our C-185’s and 206’s, out of the toughest seaplane environment in the world- NY City’s East River, to Long Island, for many years. Those straight PK C3500’s never missed a beat and carried some very, very heavy loads both here and at our operation in the Florida Keys.  Those deep-vee bottoms and sturdy chines handled those tugboat and Circle Liner wakes like nobody’s business!  I lost an engine once and landed in a gravel and dirt parking lot on Long Island; we retrieved the airplane, put it in the water and flew it home; those floats never leaked a drop.  My PK floats performed flawlessly through many adventures.” G. Michener, Commercial Seaplane pilot, New York, NY

“I fly extensively during the fall moose hunt. The water is cold and it is often very windy. It is a comfortable feeling knowing I have PK’s. They handle rough water exceptionally well, step turn on a dime, and the flat top decks make loading and unloading a breeze.” Gary Norris, Augusta Maine

“44 years ago I soloed on my 16th birthday. Since then I went on to become a commercial seaplane pilot with over ten thousand hours flying for operations in Maine and Alaska. As A 10 year Maine Game Warden pilot I performed search and rescue, fish and wildlife surveys, Ariel fish stocking and law enforcement in all weather conditions. The PK Float equipped Cessna 185 was the perfect combination. It’s rough water handling and performance set it apart from all others.”  Dan Dufault, Commercial Seaplane Pilot, A&P/IA, Lincolnville, Maine