Building the toughest seaplane floats on the planet, by hand, one rivet at a time.
Proudly made in Lincoln Maine, USA.

Building on Tradition.

PK Floats, Inc. is known for building tough, reliable and dependable seaplane floats. With a 70 year history in the industry, the knowledgeable staff at PK is focusing not only on building the best aluminum seaplane floats, but working one-on-one with our customers to ensure their satisfaction before, during, and after the sale. If you are a commercial operator, if you fly in rough water, if you operate at gross weight, if you want a float that will last 20, 30, 40 years or more, contact us to discuss if our floats are right for you.

Why Choose PK?

  • Lighter than the competition. Up to 80 pounds lighter in fact.
  • Deep-V Hull Design Greatly Reduced Pounding in Heavy Waves
  • Robust Construction; Thousands of Rivets and 2024 T-3 Aluminum Alloy Used for Maximum Strength
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Keel, a full 1/2″x1/2″ cross section
  • Every Watertight Seam Sealed with 3M 5200
  • No Composites & No Structural Bonding = No cracked gelcoat, No Delamination, and No Catastrophic Failures
  • Color: Silver or White, or Custom Color Match
  • Traditional Solid Ash Maine Float Plane Paddle and Float Pump are Standard
  • Redesigned Heavy Duty Spreader Bar with shear web (2050A, 2250A, B2300, 3050A)
  • 4 Hydro-Boosters Forward of Step
  • CNC Manufacturing (2050A, 2250A, B2300, 3000, 3050A)
  • Flat, Flush, No Slip Decks
  • No formed Skins for Easy field repairs using common hand tools
  • Large Water Rudders
  • External Water Rudder Rigging for Easy Inspection & Maintenance
  • Technical Support, Before, During, and After the Sale

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“Synonymous with backcountry flying, float flying offers as much enjoyment as practicality. From recreational pilots to commercial operators, waterways become runways and thousands upon thousands of lakes, bays, rivers and ponds become accessible. As a company with a 65 year history building seaplane floats, float flying is very special to us and we take great pride in manufacturing quality seaplane floats. ” -Levi Guimond, PK Floats