(SOLD) 2000 Aviat Husky A-1B

A beautiful low time IFR Aviat Husky A-1B on 3 year old PK 2250A’s ready to go! 782 TTSN, June 2021 annual and static check.

Original Equipment:

  1. JPI VM1000 Engine monitor
  2. ACK-A30 Altitude encoder
  3. LC-2 chronometer
  4. Standard ‘six-pack’ gauges

Modifications and Upgrades:

  1. S-Tec 30 two-axis autopilot with GPSS roll-steering
  2. Shadin Digiflo-L Fuel flow monitor
  3. King KI 525A HSI with directional gyro and slaved compass
  4. Garmin GNS 430W GPS WAAS moving map/ nav-comm radio/ LOC-GS receiver
  5. Garmin GMA 345 audio panel with directional audio, bluetooth ‘phone and USB power outlet
  6. Garmin GTX 345 transponder with ADS-B in/out and bluetooth connect to iPad apps
  7. Garmin SL40 comm. radio
  8. 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with new battery (2021)
  9. PAI-700 vertical card compass
  10. M-20 Oil separator
  11. Concorde RG-25XC Sealed battery (2020)

Additional equipment:

  1. Collapsible V-tow bar for amphib floats and gas-powered tow unit.
  2. Conventional landing gear with hydraulic lines for skis; 8.5 x 6 tires and innertubes
  3. Shock cords for conventional landing gear (6) unused
  4. Aviat tool for shock-cord installation
  5. Goodyear 26 x 10.5 x 6 smooth tundra tires (2) unused
  6. Scott tailwheel; spare tailwheel tire and innertube unused
  7. Taildragger tow bar
  8. Mustang Inflatable life Jackets and reactivation kits (2) unused