(Sold) 1951 PA-18 Super Cub

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota


1951 PA18 Super Cub

SN: 18-1126

TTAF: 2733

TMOH: 343.7

TTP: 143.7

Empty Weight Wheels: 1110.85

Empty Weight Skis: 1192.85

Empty Weight Floats: 1192.1

Gross Weight: 1750lbs Wheels and Skis

Gross Weight: 1760lbs Floats

•Ground up Restoration in 2011

•Lycoming O-320 150HP – Western Skyways Gold Seal

•Edo 2000 Floats – Fresh Strip, Seal and Color Match Paint

•Trick Air Explorer 2250 Wheel Penetration Skis w/ Tail Ski

•8.5 x 6 Tires•Airwolf Remote Oil Filter Kit

•Petersen Aviation Auto Gas STC

•Skytech Lightweight Starter

•McCauley 82/41 Borer Prop

•Reiff Engine Preheat

•Kennon Engine Cover

•Bruce’s Custom Wing Covers and Tail Covers

•Bruce’s Custom Sunshields

•Cowl Plugs

•Seaplane Lift Rings

•Autogas STC

•Folding Front Seat

•Cubcrafters Metal Baggage Door

•Atlee Dodge Extended Baggage

•Atlee Dodge Metal Headliner

•Atlee Dodge Removable Rear Seat Crossbar

•Odyssey Lightweight Battery – Field Approval

•Airframes Alaska HD 3” Extended Landing Gear

•Atlee Dodge Landing Gear Safety Cables

•Original Landing Gear (Included with Sale)

•Top Deck X-Brace

•Cubcrafters Vortex Generator and Gap Seals

•Scott 3200 Tailwheel

•Cleveland Wheels and Brakes

•2 Place Intercom with Music Input

•Garmin Aera 560 GPS with XM Weather and Music

•Becker Comm Radio – Dual PTT


•Becker Mode C Transponder with Encoder

•Skybeacon ADS-B OUT

•Airtex Interior

•Shoulder Harnesses

•Metal Map Side Pocket

•Steve’s Aircraft Vented Brake Boosters (Not Installed)

•Aircraft Spruce Tow Bar

Asking: $150,000 U.S.D.