2008 Experimental (SOLD)

This all-metal experimental aircraft bears a striking resemblance to a Van’s RV-15. It was meticulously constructed from 1985 to when it received its airworthiness certificate in 2008. It has flown a total of 265 hours since. The fuselage was extensively rebuilt from a Cessna 140A fuselage. The wings (with long range fuel and flaps) and tail were from a Cessna 150. The gear legs are Cessna 170. The nose bowl is from a Piper PA-12 with a custom cowl. It was built for a mission of long cross country flying to backcountry destinations over the horizon.

The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming O-320-E2D engine with a serial number of L-40992-27A. It has 1960 SMOH (Since Major Overhaul) of. The compression readings are #1 at 75/80, #2 at 76/80, #3 at 73/80, and #4 at 75/80 at the November 2022 condition inspection.

The aircraft is equipped with A Garmin 320A transponder and an ICOM IC-A200 com, VG’s, a BAS tail pull handle, and four 13-gallon tanks, shoulder harnesses, sun visors,  LED landing lights, Cleveland wheels and brakes with 8.50 tires, a T3 Tailwheel Suspension with a 3200 Scott Tailwheel, and a Concord battery.

This aircraft has a gross weight of 2000 pound and an empty weight of 1167 for a useful load of 833.

This one of a kind aircraft is available now for $55,000.